Air Force Veteran - Certified Coach

Caroline K. Herschbach

Guiding military women and veterans as they shift to their next phase
Since 2016


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful co-creative process focused on you, the client, achieving your own goals.
You get the opportunity for judgement-free, meaningful dialogue about your plans and challenges, with accountability partner that walks with you.

What can I get from Coaching?

Big SHIFTS. Having a certified coach means having a trained communicator that can offer new perspectives. Coaching is not therapy or consulting. You are not handed the answers. Instead, you gain the ability to see your own expanded options forward.

How do I serve?

Individual &
Group Coaching

Individual and Group Coaching for clients ready to:

Mentally and emotionally process their transition
Connect the dots between the military and civilian mindset
Make the move to the corporate and business world
Embrace their new sense of identity

Guest Speaking
& Workshops

Guest Speaking and Workshop Programs for:

Groups looking to address the mental
and emotional aspects of transition
Veterans' organizations dealing with women's issues
Organizations dealing with veteran's transition support

Individual Coaching Packages

1 Session

$ 90

3 Sessions

$ 240

5 Sessions

$ 350