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Military & Veteran Women -
How do you find a post-service career you love?

You’ve served your country, you’ve gone through TAPs, and you’re still not finding the right career fit for you. 

Why is that? 

If you’ve struggled with that question, reach out to me to see if I can help. I work exclusively with veteran women, and military women preparing to transition out of the service, to find a post-service career that aligns with your strengths and allows you to be your authentic self.

3 challenges a military veteran women can have embracing her identity & finding post-service career success

Learning How to Community Build

Having a community – a network of individuals that provides support – is important for a successful post-military life.  But this is one area where many veteran women say they struggle the most because in the military, their community was handed to them. Once a woman leaves the service, if she is not in an environment that readily provides a built-in community, like her hometown, she can be at a loss for how to build that support system.

Imposter Syndrome / Not Looking Like a Veteran

Imposter syndrome, the belief that you’re a fraud, can persist for a woman long after a military career is over, even when they’ve got the service record to prove they’re not. One frequently mentioned driver behind the imposter syndrome some veteran women feel is that they don’t look like a veteran. Anytime they highlight their military status, it can instantly put a spotlight on any body or identity issues a female vet may have. 

“Frustration and Exasperation”

Female veterans often mention the “frustration and exasperation” of having to explain, or defend, their military service. Even though there are close to two million female veterans in the U.S. today, many in the civilian population still do not think of women as being veterans. Or, if they do, they lump their experiences together with military spouses.

Do you recognize any of these issues? 

Do you have others standing in your way of being successful post-service?

Understanding how coaching can help you

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful co-creative process focused on you, the client, achieving your own goals.
You get the opportunity for judgement-free, meaningful dialogue about your plans and challenges, with accountability partner that walks with you.

What can you get from Coaching?

Big SHIFTS. Having a certified coach means having a trained communicator that can offer new perspectives. Coaching is not therapy or consulting. You are not handed the answers. Instead, you gain the ability to see your own expanded options forward.

How can CKH Coaching help

Individual &
Group Coaching

Individual and Group Coaching for clients ready to:

Mentally and emotionally process their transition
Connect the dots between the military and civilian mindset
Make the move to the corporate and business world
Embrace their new sense of identity

Guest Speaking
& Workshops

Guest Speaking and Workshop Programs for:

Groups looking to address the mental
and emotional aspects of transition
Veterans' organizations dealing with women's issues
Organizations dealing with veteran's transition support