Air Force Veteran - Certified Coach

Caroline K. Herschbach

Specialized in helping women with career transitions
Since 2016

Are you considering a career transition?

I provide specialized support for:

  • Military & veteran women
  • Moms reentering the workforce
  • Moms leaving the workforce
  • Women pursuing leadership roles
  • Women pivoting from their current careers

As a professional coach, I’ve spent years working with women in all walks of life figure out the next move that’s right for them and their careers. I’ve worked with clients on a number of issues, and would be honored to help you with:

  • Building a new post-military transition community (for veterans)
  • Mapping your approach back into the workforce 
  • Establishing your identity as a mom and/or veteran
  • Identifying your core values
  • Seeing a greater vision for yourself
  • Understanding your personal motivators
  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Building confidence in your choices and actions
  • Shifting your perspective
  • Embracing a new mindset
  • Managing Imposter Syndrome
  • Pivoting from your current role or career
  • Easing the transition to  your new role or career

And ultimately providing a space for you to be heard free of judgement. 

Do you recognize any of these issues? Would you like to learn more?

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Professional Coaching FAQs

What is
Professional Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful co-creative process focused on you, the client, achieving your own goals.
You get the opportunity for judgement-free, meaningful dialogue about your plans and challenges, with accountability partner that walks with you.

What can you get from
Professional Coaching?

Big SHIFTS. Having a certified coach means having a trained communicator that can offer new perspectives. Coaching is not therapy or consulting. You are not handed the answers. Instead, you gain the ability to see your own expanded options forward.

How can CKH Coaching help

Individual &
Group Coaching

Guest Speaking
& Workshops

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